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Hello Autumn!

We have fantastic news for you:
Waterfront cleaning, part 2.
Five seconds of glory for our students of the P2P course in a video.
We are looking for a mentor for our new course in School++. What is it? Read in the third part of news 😉


School++ is now Online

We had many requests, but we always asked you to wait. Although studying at School++ combines online and offline elements, we postponed full-online for years, trying to perfect our format. We couldn’t find time or strength to provide students with the ability of distance learning. However, the 2020 quarantine quickened the process so much that …


School++ has met IT-companies of our city

Recently we’ve announced that we had developed digital diplomas for our graduates. Last week in our school we had a meeting with representatives of IT-companies of our city. We spoke of the diplomas and of a way to be mutually valuable to each other. Our goal is to help each student not only to learn …


School++ signed GoodSchoolManifesto

We’ve joined the list of good schools in our country! Good School Manifesto initiative has developed a criteria that help to decide whether the course, educational institution or projects are qualitative and meet the expectations of a student. This way, students can choose a special place that gives them truly excellent knowledge and takes the …


School++ Issues Diplomas

From now on, ‌all our ‌alumni ‌will‌ ‌receive‌ ‌diplomas.‌ ‌Those ‌who‌ have already graduated ‌(since 2018‌‌) ‌will also be able to obtain confirmation of their ‌work‌ 🙂 We still hold the opinion that a diploma is not obligatory. The most important thing is that we give knowledge, which will help to change the profession or …